Officer Election: November 17th Meeting

2019 member mileage Contest

Member Mileage Contest Rules

Award Categories

0-4999 $25.00

5K-9999 $35.00

10K-14999 $50.00

15K and up $75.00(runner up)

Top Mileage $200.00

Entry Fee is $5.00 per participant. Award will be given to member with highest mileage within each range. No prize awarded if no one has a mileage within that range. If two or more members have the exact same mileage in a category, the Director or his designee will draw a winner.

Random Mileage Winner Category: 3 numbers will be drawn and the member with the closest to matching last digits on their odometer wins $25.00.

Most Rides Attended Category: Rider $20.00 / Passenger $20.00

Top Mileage winner is not eligible to win that category again for the following 2 years. Example: if you win in 2018 you are not eligible again until 2021.

All other mileage categories cannot be won by the same person 2 years in a row. But you are eligible for a different category.

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Former Winners and eligibility


2018 Mileage Contest Award Winners

Top Winner: Doug H. 20,181


Doug H. has been a member since 2013. Doug owns several bikes. Pictured here on his 2018 CVO Ultra Classic at Glacier National Park. Props to his riding partner Kathy C. for her ninja Ride Planner Skills!

Runner Up: Mike B. 23,016


Mike B. has been a member since 2010. He has served as the Head Road Captain for several years. Mike was not eligible for the top prize as he won it last year. He is pictured here with his 2018 CVO Ultra Classic in Key West, FL. and his lovely wife.

10,000-14,999: Brian I. 13,849


Brian I. has been a member since 2014. He has served as an officer of ADKHOG for several years. Pictured here riding his 2019 Limited which he purchased on a ride out to Texas this year where he and his wife, Jodie Irwin did over 4200 miles!

5,000-9,999: Norm S. 9,891


Norm S. has been a member since 2009 and has served as a previous Head Road Captain. He is pictured here on his Road King from back in 2011 riding the Tail of the Dragon.

0-4,999: Bruce T. 4,328


Bruce T. has been a member since 2015. He has served as the club photographer for the past several years. He is pictured here on his 2008 Fat Boy. 

Random Drawing: Cheryl K. 13,064


Cheryl K. is new to the club in 2018. Cheryl won the random drawing where three numbers are drawn in sequence. The winner has the mileage with the last three numbers closest.  

Additional Winners

Most Rides: Passenger, Linda J. w/ 29 rides


Linda J. has been a member since 2013. She rides with her husband on their new 2018 Limited. Linda has averaged more than 20 rides a season for the past several years.

Most Rides: Rider, Arthur P. w/ 33 Rides


Arthur P. is a charter member of the club and has served as the Director for several years. He is pictured here on his 2018 Anniversary Edition Limited.