Mileage Contest is open to Any Dues Paying Member.

2018 Categories: Mile Awards

0-4999 $25.00

5K-9999 $35.00

10K-14999 $50.00

15K and up $75.00(runner up)

Top Mileage $200.00

Entry Fee is $5.00 per participant. Award will be given to member with highest mileage within each range. No prize awarded if no one has a mileage within that range. If two or more members have the exact same mileage in a category, the Director or his designee will draw a winner.

Random Mileage Winner Category: 3 numbers will be drawn and the member with the closest to matching last digits on their odometer wins $25.00.

Most Rides Attended Category: Rider $20.00 / Passenger $20.00

Top Mileage winner is not eligible to win that category again for the following 2 years. Example: if you win in 2018 you are not eligible again until 2021.

All other mileage categories cannot be won by the same person 2 years in a row. But you are eligible for a different category.


Previous Winners


Have questions? Want to participate, check in with Mike Bala, Head Road Captain or Arthur Persons. Email